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Jean Welles' 
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Called 'Family News' because in the Family of Christ
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Feedback about the article:

"I am a beginner and want to tell you that your advise is the best I have seen over the internet ! Your techniques are wonderful with the detail.Thanks so much Jean !!!!" - Brenda M.

“I found your article interesting, informative and it gave me a different perspective on guitar playing.” - Santo in Perth, Australia

"I love your VERY SIMPLE instructions on how to hold the guitar
and the position of the hands. These are the basics,
and what a difference they make." - Joe Nix

"Dear Jean, thank-you so much for the incredible article. My
husband has tried your method of "holding the pick" to
avoid fingers getting tired and says it works very well." - Mary

Want more in-depth instruction plus great exercises?

'Tip, Tricks and Exercises for Great Guitar Technique'
A downloadable eBook with lots of close-up shots of hand positions, tips and terrific exercises to develop great guitar technique.

"Those who follow Jean's tips will enjoy playing the guitar so much more than they currently do. The tips are well worth adding to your technique."
- Tom Shedd, Pastor, Worship Leader, Private Music Instructor