Guitar Lessons
Anyone can learn...

If you've never played an instrument before, everything will feel awkward in the beginning. As you spend TIME with the guitar you'll find that your hands will feel more comfortable with each week. With chords, for example, you'll find that what felt like an impossible reach becomes easy with just a few weeks of playing. Like a good friend, the more TIME you spend with the instrument the better you will know it and the easier it will be to play.

TIME, as you may have noted, is the biggest element in learning an instrument. A good teacher can coach you, correct your technique, show you shortcuts in finger movements and in thinking· but even with the best teacher in the world, how you progress with the instrument rests in your hands.

I've written an article describing in detail how to play 'effortlessly.' You can request it FREE from with a free Newsletter subscribtion.

If you play the guitar now, or any other instrument, keep at it. I have heard it said that if you spend 20 minutes a day on any subject you can master it. If you don't play· it's never too late to start. I've had students start playing at age 80 and older!

I even had a student with such severe arthritis that she could only move two fingers on her left hand. She had wanted to play the guitar all her life. April was perhaps the most excited and happy student I've taught. We sang songs using only two finger chords. It meant the world to her to play the songs she loved. So YES· you can play too!

In 2001, I made the first Worship Guitar Class video. Now there are three volumes, and they will all be in DVD format too. I had no idea they would take off like they have. In 2002, I stopped taking new students and finally stopped teaching completely.

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This is where I've been putting my energies. I teach through the videos, and monthly Newsletters. I've received hundreds of testimonies from all over the world. You can read some of them on the other site.

The guitar is such a wonderful instrument, regardless of your style of playing. I wish you much success and joy in the process of learning it!


PS. Although I don't take private students, you can still learn with my Christian Guitar Program.