About Jean
"Professional guitar teacher/coach and performer."
My passion with music started at a very early age. I completed both my Bachelor's degree (California State University Northridge) and Master's degree (University of Southern California) in Guitar Performance. I've studied with teachers like Pepe Romero and Frederick Noad in addition to participating in many Master's Classes.

I can't think of any 'bad habit' in playing the guitar I haven't had at some point. In the first couple years of my musical development I sang badly out of tune. I hated performing and used to shake terribly. Why do I share this with you? Because I've overcome all the initial obstacles· bad technique, singing out of tune, poor ear training and fear of performing.

It has been one of my deepest joys watching my students do the same. I could fill a book with stories of students who were 'too shy' to sing for me that are now performing publicly. They lead worship in their churches, lead music at summer camps, perform in coffeehouses, etc. So yes, I have had wonderful training, but more importantly, I love teaching/coaching others to excel.

An 'about Jean' wouldn't be complete without mentioning my source of life and strength. At seventeen I became a Christian. Within a month of my conversion, my guitar teacher left for Europe and gave me all her students. Still in high school, I had 30 guitar students. I feel very blessed with the gift of this career and delight in sharing it with others.

God Bless,


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Jean Welles' 
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